The Look

Dear Reader,

The look for The Squirrel King is many and varied. At it's core it stems from a desire to inspire viewers to believe that they too can make magic.

Unlike more traditional modern animation exemplified by the likes of Pixar, where the focus is on perfection, our high-end home-made look owes more to the charm of Aardman Animation where the construction is evident. We, however, embrace as many media and techniques as we can readily lay our hands on.

The Squirrel King includes live action with real actors, puppets, rudimentary animation, stop motion, altered and forced perspectives to name just a few of our techniques. Indeed, our cohesion comes in large part from the amalgamation of so many disparate elements.

Our production design elements include mixtures of pom-poms and pipe-cleaner; papier mache, paint and felt (such as Robin's toilet to the right, or if you want to see the substructure click here), bottle-tops and felt (as seen at the top of this page). Shower stalls are made of papier mache, water exists as wool, pom-poms, or simply painted paper in stop-motion as can be see in the background of this page.


Our references are equally diverse, indeed to highlight the tip of the iceberg, they include:

1) Vampires and Buildings
2) Michel Gondry
3) Stop Motion Pom Poms
4) Tarp Surfing
5) A Parkour Flipbook
6) Her Morning Elegance
7) Strawberry Swing
8) Denise Duong
9) Wind-Powered Beach Creatures
10) Japanese Gameshow

We hope you enjoy our look as much as we've enjoyed creating it!

Chin chin
Ruthless Whims