Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Papier Mache Shower stall - a work in progress

Dear Reader,

Although not yet finished, I feel that I owe you a glimpse of the progress already achieved on our famed lion's claw feet shower stall ...

It all began with tightly packed paper-bag handles, glued
together with our celebrated coagulant of choice: papier-mache.
A task that resulted in paragons of strength upon which our plastic water-container reinforced papier-mache base now rests. The base itself - an object beautiful in it's own right - has since been enhanced by Alien Two's lovingly applied base layer designed to mimic aged yellow porcelain.

Blue flowers and bronzing of the feet are still to follow but we're getting close! And I have some wild ideas for water :)

Chin chin
Ruthless Whims

PS (not for the squeamish) For those worried about my ear, rest assured I am now on steroids to open the canal from an obstructing polyp. This advent has left me daydreaming of muscle building side-effects, though the Trouble and Strife is more concerned by the potential acceleration of my receding hairline.

PPS And in other news from the arena of the unwell, I live in fear of each day's break, with both Aliens, and the Trouble and Strife having spent recent days driving the porcelain bus.

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  1. Looking fantastic! Can't wait to see the wild water ideas.