The Oath

We want to inspire young and old alike to be active participants. Be it building the utilitarian or crafting the artistic, we believe the act of creation is one that empowers people everywhere and, simply put, makes happy people.

Community is the social fiber that binds us together and inspires us. We want to inspire the world, and so we're committed to broadening and strengthening our community in any way and wherever we can.

Care for the world is built into our DNA. Our kids will inherit the planet from us, and we want to make sure it’s as beautiful and healthy as possible. From forests to urban landscapes and everything in between, we will be conscious of humanity’s footprint on earth, limiting our own and reducing those we come across.

Some of our actions so far:
- Our acorn packaging is made of 100% recycled material.
- the back of the instructions double as a card game
- the envelope that contains the smaller parts is made of seeded paper (plant it and watch flowers grow)
- we've inspired youth
- a public mural and this is what it looked like before our hard work
- our craft kit itself encourages young and old to use their hands and make something special.
- The fanciful characters on our card game are designed to inspire imagination.
- we partook in the LA Mustache Dache

What others have said:
Scott Thill's article in the Huffington Post.
- An article by Teddi Curtis and another by her from back when we started.

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