Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Whirling Swirling Finale!

Dear Reader,

One of the wonderful things about big projects in life is that they have a habit of looking a long way off and then suddenly at the eleventh hour coalescing. After finally settling on a paint for our lids we quickly moved to industrial application methods - nothing like repurposing a pesticide applicator :) don't worry it was brand new.
The lids also have super lovely nubs on top now (though I don't have a photo handy and I need to start packing those for Christmas shipping).

And as you can see, the envelopes with the squirrel limbs and eyes are coming together too!

It's all so exciting!! Stay tuned for the final product :)

Chin chin
Ruthless Whims

PS. Our first test run using the actual card deck of instructions resulted in three wonderful squirrels and a lot of laughs. Can't wait for you guys to have your turn :)

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