In a Nutshell

Dear Reader,

Like many of the finest things in life, The Squirrel King started with a whim! A whim to combine meaningful time with my kids and my love of filmmaking!

The Squirrel King began life as a digital series but has since grown to include squirrel craft kits aimed at inspiring creativity in the young and young at heart.

Hatched with my co-conspirator Justus, it is mad-cap in its content and high-end home-made in look. One of our chief goals is to encourage adults to engage with their kids and everyone to engage with the world.

Indeed, as we have grown, so has our vision and scope. The project is a labor of love, but has attracted many exceptionally talented filmmakers, artists and actors.

As with many things in life, the colors along the way are much of the charm, thus this blog about the making of The Squirrel King, a world of hope and joy.

Chin chin
Ruthless Whims

PS. With the lines of reality constantly blurred in my mind, you will find throughout the blog that both the web series characters and my two darling daughters share the epitaph of Aliens.

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