Sunday, January 2, 2011

Aliens visit a Winter Wonderland

Battling her way through an impenetrable snow drift ..

Alien Two found the Trouble and Strife doing the funkadelic snow dance. Minutes later all energies were redirected into some serious sled run construction ...

and two hours later Alien One took to the newly formed slope
putting gravity on planet earth through the most rigorous of tests.

A quick sojourn to the Art Institute in Chicago followed for some fresh perspective on the world (that's Alien Two and the Trouble and Strife huddling under the view-distorting giant steel bean), and so our winter wonderland diversion rounded out.

Now, the time for play is done. We've returned to sunny La La Land and the serious task of constructing our own brave new world.

Long live the Squirrel King!

Chin chin
Ruthless Whims


  1. They're so cute when they're young and don't know about all the horrors of the snow.

  2. You're talking about the Trouble and Strife, right?