Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Township of ....

Remember that forest we were building a while back? Not the cardboard one, the one of paper and wire, the one that never got covered in leaves.

Well spring came early ...

After moving past the Trouble and Strife's veto of green cellophane and felt (deemed to "wedding decoration"), I finally returned to Mother Nature's own inspiration, the ubiquitous toy train fallback: lichen.

Alien One had a swing for joy on an investigative walk around the neighborhood while Alien Two and I took notes about houses. Then Alien One picked up the Stanley Knife and

scissors, and got started on the construction of our own township.

Christmas lights will glow from inside, though Justus, my co-conspirator is more focused on seeing flames lick out the windows.

More soon.

Chin chin
Ruthless Whims

PS does anyone have a name for our little town?


  1. You could name it after your Trouble and Strife and call it Trouble Town. Or maybe some nod to the aliens, like Quasar, Roswell, or Aurora. In any case, the city is looking pretty cool.

  2. I like Rusty Springs. Or how about Nestville (in an osbscure nod to the aliens' purpose)?

  3. Wow, fantastic options! I like the dilapidated home-madeness of Rusty Springs a lot. More to cogitate :)

    Chin chin Ruthless Whims