Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Hole in My Ear ...

Dear Reader, I had hoped this post was to share with you the lion's feet shower stall. Unfortunately, life has intervened.

Witness, my Vincent Van Gough look.

The look has since been Squirrel-Kinged by the redoubtable Dr. Dorothy Wang, an ear specialist, who after examining well past my infection-ruptured ear drum was unfairly rewarded by Yours Truly passing out on the floor of her office.

Later, Alien One put to the Trouble and Strife, the delicate issue of my longevity in this world. She was summarily reassured "hopefully ... for a while".

Before further time could be devoted to such secondary issues as my own mortality, there was a knock at the door, heralding the arrival of Alien One's much anticipated pink two-wheeled razor scooter. ... Oh how quickly secondary issues of the day fade into oblivion.

Chin chin
Ruthless Whims

PS Stay tuned for the lion's feet shower stall.


  1. that looks painful, but i am sure the trouble and strife has been taking good care of you

  2. But for The Trouble and Strife, I might still be a cowering bawl of pain on my bedroom floor. We've come a long way since Saturday. Chin chin Ruthless Whims