Monday, August 22, 2011

Sample Contest Entry!

Dear Reader,

Starting September 23rd we'll be running a contest to bring you further into the world of The Squirrel King!

In general, we'll post a raw unedited clip, give a theme and motif, and you'll submit an image related to our post. For a more detailed explanation of how the competition will work, click The Contest tab above, unless you want to see an example first ...

To fit with the inceptive nature of this post, the sample inspiration clip we're sharing with you shows how Robin, The Squirrel King's protagonist, starts her days:

Supposing the theme for this sample entry was: "share with us how you lay the foundations for your day", ..

.. and the random weekly motif was: "any incorporation of pom-poms", ..

.. then the top right image on this page would be a superb submission, though the bottom left image would obviously receive additional consideration for incorporation of the weekly motif.

Sign Up for the actual competition begins Sept 23rd, so check The Contest tab then!

Chin chin
Ruthless Whims


  1. How cool ... is there a "guess the number of pom poms" prize too?

  2. There comes a point when you start measuring by weight :) Chin chin Ruthless Whims