Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Star Arrives

After much anticipation, I bring you ... a squirrel!

Vivian has been hard at work, and the fruits are showing! Our, as yet unnamed, friend has detachable arms and legs and though the tail is still unfinished he is awesome! Why the Aliens might want to rid the town of these little guys is beyond all reason.

Then I found her, Alien Two with glee in her eyes, at work painting papier mache acorns.

And so, for a moment, it seemed that perhaps the Aliens were being misjudged.

There are many mysteries in life, and the inscrutable nature of foreign cultures is certainly one of them.

And then I realized that sometimes things can be not-what-they-seem and still be exactly what they seem.

What if those acorns were little more than lures, and the painting of the power box, little more than an excuse to raid my pom-pom collection.

Suddenly with the illusion of peace shattered in my mind, tangible reality came rushing to catch up as I stumbled upon subtitles into the Aliens' minds' eye.

Exactly what it all means only time will tell. Until then I vow to keep a close eye on the Aliens.

Chin chin
Ruthless Whims

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  1. I am really starting to love squirrels b/c of you guys!! I've thrown out all my Dcon. Can't wait to see the show! And I'm not Justus; I just don't know how to comment any other way. Kudos to you all! --Laurie Z.