Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Powering up

Every town needs power, and something to carry that power about on. To that end, Alien Two and I set about building a power pole.

We started by taping cardboard to a wooden spine, and stapling velcro to said cardboard.

After flipping our construction we availed ourselves of more masking tape (both the Alien's favorite crafting element).

Then Alien Two got stuck right into the seriously satisfying job of plastering the pole.

I'm sure we'll "need" another coat of plaster, but the call of paint will no doubt be strong too. And I can't wait to attach the bright yellow power box!

What am I going to do once spring break finishes for Alien Two? ... Oh that's right, Alien One will be around to help next week :)

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Ruthless Whims

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