Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Joys of Aging

Dear Reader,

Today is my birthday, and we're off to a most wonderful start!

Actually, it all started last weekend when the Trouble and Strife took me for a magical weekend getaway while the Aliens overnighted with a good friend. So the first joy of aging: appreciation of celebrations.

The second joy happened this morning: woken by the Aliens (not counting Alien Two's foot in my lower back throughout the night) to lovingly made birthday card and books (above photo on the card, rainbow the final page of the book). The classic "Raining to Rainbow Sight" is a true Alien One special, including the lines: "The sun is coming out, I hope a rainbow will sprout", "The sun, the sun. I can't wait."

And finally, checking my computer to find so many of you sending messages ... it's my first real year on Facebook :) "Like" The Squirrel King as a birthday present to me ;)

Big Squirrel King hugs to all!

Chin chin
Ruthless Whims

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