Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Score Suggestions

Dear Reader,

I've had a few amazing score suggestions over the last couple of days and just wanted to share two of the highlights with you. First up is Linsey Pollak, a creative Aussie who uses all manner of household elements to make music. Here's a sample I'm particularly taken with:

And here is one from the Vegetable Orchestra that shows some of their instrument construction process:

I'm liking percussive sounds right now! We just need some sort of catchy beat or tune.

Chin chin
Ruthless Whims


  1. Perhaps a short holiday to Africa is in order?? Mmmmm, somewhere warm and sunny..mmmmm...

  2. Yes, I think I'll put a line item into the budget for that :) Chin chin Ruthless Whims

  3. Happy (almost) one year anniversary and love to all at Squirrel King. More of Alien One and Two as well as Trouble and Strife please. Rendez vous at rockreation over the summer? Sandy