Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Serial Musique EP

Dear Reader,

I have yet to introduce you to Matthew McGaughey and Kyle Johnston, otherwise known as Serial Musique. These guys have scored numerous hit TV shows including Real Housewives, Top Chef, and many more. Matthew also scored my first film, Butterfly Dreaming.

Now scoring is one of the final pieces in the creative puzzle, but I mention these guys now because they've been busy putting together their first EP. Click here to check it out.

Of course when it comes to The Squirrel King, the Aliens will no doubt have some influence too. Here's a sampling of their work (made years ago while The Trouble and Strife was out of town on business):

While neither is the exact sound of The Squirrel King as I see it, I think it's pretty safe to say The Squirrel King falls somewhere in between. I look forward to the collaborative process with so much talent I love.

Chin chin
Ruthless Whims

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