Friday, May 13, 2011

Dinner Without The Trouble And Strife

Dear Reader,

While the Trouble And Strife was off at a high powered lawyers retreat, the Aliens and I treated ourselves to sushi ... and miso soup.

The excursion was thoroughly enjoyed by all ... but not without trouble and strife.

See if you can pick the difference between the next two photos. Hint: it's not just the satiated looks on the Aliens' faces.

Off to scout more climbing locations :)

Chin chin
Ruthless Whims

PS In case you're having trouble with the spot-the-difference, consider my leg as an extra hint (and that's just my right leg).


  1. I love how Alien 1 has tucked her legs up!! And my, look at that gorgeous smile on Alien 2!!! As far as your pants go.... well.... it kind of looks like a map of somewhere... or a dragon.... or or or....

  2. ... or Miso soup

    Chin chin Ruthless Whims

  3. spill would be Alien Two. Alien One is still drinking her miso soup.