Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Water: Take 1

Dear Reader,

The long weekend brought with it help from multiple quarters, and so it was that the Trouble and Strife, Justus and I made a combined attack on the shower stall's water.

And there was success!

Indeed, it didn't take much water for the Trouble and Strife to take a crack at cleaning under her arms. So little, in fact, that it is perfectly understandable that you, dear reader, might not see the vision yet (that blue stripe just past the copper shower head was the only actual water we created).

Conceptually, though, it was going very well.

That lasted until yesterday morning when the first signs of trouble began (that line to the ceiling should have been a dozen separate strands).

Closer inspection only revealed the insurmountable extent of the tangled framework. In the end cutting my losses was the best solution (the only solution actually).

Fear not though, Alien Two and I made the trek to Jo Ann's and a new solution was procured. Stay tuned for water (take 2).

Chin chin
Ruthless Whims

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