Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Mobile Bird in Aluminum" The Essence of The Squirrel King

Dear Reader,

While I was busily adding hundreds of wire strands to the super-structure for Robin's shower's water, Alien One was busy on a shower of her own! Replete with an aluminum foil model of Robin herself, and pipe-cleaner piping technology, I'm told it was inspired by a Degas dancer and my own more humble home-spun efforts.

Twenty minutes later, the result of further shower-construction neglect on my part was another fantastic foil fantasy.

In case you're having trouble making the bird out, click on the video below for a fuller exposition of this model - actually you should click on the video below regardless, because Alien One's enthusiasm for life is contagious.

Chin chin
Ruthless Whims


  1. Lily!!! That's beautiful!! My yogi meditator is coming to England and Spain with me soon. He'll be meditating on the sea, in the air, on the land, he's gonna wish he had that video camera. Or even better one of those 100 birds.