Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Chains

Everyone knows drawbridges require chains, and the ones on the Alien spaceship are no different, well maybe just a little given we're building them with paper. So we gathered our top helpers and went down to the park where we could really cut loose with the paint. And the results: if you look carefully at the photo on the left you'll see three unexpected things happened:
i) Alien Two started painting leaves,
ii) the painted pages stuck together (something that only got worse when we tried to bring them home), and
iii) we discovered an alternate use for the hair-bun holder by Alien One's foot.

With all that in mind, we returned to the kitchen floor, our home studio, and started afresh. Actually, first Alien One searched her room for the clothes pegs to avoid the problems created by our second unexpected observation.

(btw, the green wall not only belongs to the Alien's room, but their spaceship)

Finally, we laid out the canvas and got to work splotching paper. For now you'll just have to imagine the final chains as the loops are yet to be closed.

Chin chin
Ruthless Whims

PS In case you were wondering, dear reader, the audition process went spectacularly well today. More soon.

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