Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Watery Grave

As we all know, mostly art imitates life, but sometimes ... sometimes life imitates art. The Squirrel King's protagonist, Robin, spends her days struggling with good intentions that go awry. So it has become with our fish.

Despite our otherwise healthy tank, Moonshiner begun swimming sideways a few days ago and has in consequence been quarantined (see the foreground tank on the right). Worse however, while Moonshiner languished in quarantine the apparent harmony of the tank was viciously disrupted in my absence; indeed I returned home one afternoon to find Black Bunny mauled.

Black Bunny's funeral was a sombre affair (indeed paparazzi were banned) in which Alien One, now all too adept for her tender age, read the eulogy: "I wish Black Bunny was here for longer."

Rest assured though, it was back to work the next day, with construction continuing on the the Alien cribs.

Finally, it is my sincere hope that the Gods of misfortune will once again turn from our living fish to art when, after this weekend's callbacks, I can introduce you and them to Robin. Indeed in a further bid to bring Robin to life, Alien One, myself and the Trouble and Strife have all been busily at work on her bedspread (those strands of pom-poms will soon be married together completing our heroine's funky bedspread).

Stay tuned for drawbridges.

Chin chin
Ruthless Whims


  1. Hmmm, perhaps Dark Lightning should remain....

  2. It is curious that Dark Lightning visited you in your sleep; that's exactly how the Alien's brainwash Robin .... do-do-do-do ... more life imitating art?

    Chin chin Ruthless Whims