Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Cycle of Life

Alien 1 proudly presents the new member of the household:

Meet Sister Seaweed

Blue Moon may not have spent enough time with Seaweed to recognize Sister Seaweed as different, but Seaweed's passing is ushering more than a single addition ...

The Trouble and Strife got a little excited at the pet store and we now have a 29 gallon tank to fill!

The Aliens are thrilled, but not just with the new tank or its prospective occupants!

Expect to see the corner pads crop up in the Alien spaceship console.

... And quite possibly the box itself as a boat.


  1. Oh oh indeed! Through some mysterious link of causalities in the mind of The Trouble and Strife, the purchase of the fish tank has necessitated the painting of the office ...

    Chin chin A nervous Ruthless Whims

  2. Well, that makes perfect sense to me!