Friday, July 12, 2013

Title Sequence - Part III (Storyboards)

Dear Reader,

The title sequence we're working on is an action oriented affair, with squirrels swinging from ropes, standing on ladders, wielding chainsaws, jackhammers, spanners, hammers and slingshots, to name just a few elements.

Rest assured though, we've been playing with a plan!

With action sequences in general, and stop-motion ones in particular (in which you literally shoot each frame as a still photo and then go in and move the elements), it really helps to have exact story-boarding.

What you see here are the whole sequence mapped out, plus some details of individual blocks.

Oh, and those pom-poms and yellow slips and what not were relevant to the shooting we did over the last couple of days!

More on that next week, plus lots of awesome photos.

Have a great weekend!

Chin chin
Ruthless Whims

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