Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hidden Away in the Grass

Dear Reader,

A couple of weeks ago we noticed some activity in our hanging grassy planter. And on closer inspection we found ...

Some baby bird chicks!

And as we watched them grow, it occurred to me that these chirping little chicks were a perfect metaphor for the quiet foundational work happening at Squirrel King headquarters.

With the conclusion of principal production on the first season closing in we've taken some time to step back from what we have and look at where we might go next.

Like the little babies hidden in the grass on our balcony, we see an amazing future, full of possibilities!
And then one day they left the nest - well one of them tried to move into the apartment, but after a tactful negotiation we convinced him there was more to eat outside.

Like the baby chicks we have been looking for the right home for our series, and we've had some fantastic discussions which are taking us in unexpected new directions. Like the cheeky little fellow on the right here we're still looking for the right home, but our story is already in the process of expanding to include the World of Dreams ...

We're still very focused on finishing the first twelve episodes and before that, bringing the mini-stunt squirrels to you, but it's very exciting to think just how much bigger our world is expanding to!

Stay tuned for more :)

Chin chin
Ruthless Whims

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