Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Handstands Are Good For You

Dearest Reader,

The aliens LOVE handstands. They spend more time inverted than upright. Some yogis believe that handstands lead to mental calmness and focus. Other scholars extol stimulated digestion ... Not a regular partaker, I recently attempted one. At first, the feeling of my muffin top moving toward my cranium and the weakness of my arms was unsettling. This was soon surpassed by the thrill of flipping upside down and feeling the blood rushing in the “wrong” directions. I stayed in the pose for a long time … about a minute. And, while I didn’t feel any mental calmness or focus afterward, it was just fun to feel like a kid again. The jury might be out on the benefits of handstands, but fun is good for you. Go ahead, do one!

Irrevocably yours,
The Trouble and Strife

PS Not sure there's much evidence of the calmness in the Aliens either.

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