Friday, January 6, 2012

A Little Piece of Happiness

Dearest Reader,

Returning from vacation, I felt an unusual sensation: relaxed and really happy. Walking into my office building, I was smiling and saying “hello” to the strangers passing by. That’s it! For the past few days, EVERY person I saw greeted me with an “hola” or “hello" and a big smile, which made me smile, which made me feel happy. It also made me realize that, while the day may have its rough patches, it doesn’t take much effort to give a little joy to others, which in turn brings you a little joy. So this year, I truly do wish you a “Happy New Year” and truly do hope you find a way to experience a little happiness and give a little happiness every day. It could be a simple as smiling and saying "hello".

Irrevocably yours,
The Trouble and Strife

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