Friday, November 19, 2010

And in the Distance ...

There must be mountains, trees and, most of all, blue sky.

No, not the background of the photo on the left, the background on which that bundle of energy is running! That's right, today we painted impressionistic mountains and skies of our own (something which will likely prove necessary for the forest shoot a few weeks from now - more on that soon).

And for a while everything proceeded swimmingly; the groundwork had been laid, the workers had dispersed and I was adding the finishing touches.

Then the Trouble and Strife wandered out to inspect the progress ... but nothing escapes the Trouble and Strife!

Her purview took in much more than scenic backdrops, indeed it fell to my feet where something was clearly afoot.

Or under foot as the case happened to be.

And worse, all over our dear friends' balcony!

In short order, efforts to apply turned to efforts to erase. The local residents rallied, the Trouble and Strife took out a rag and we all went to work.

But the work was slow. Hard and slow.

I did all I could, including physically throwing myself into it!

Two hours later, and working by flares (check the reflected light on the left of the last photo) the last bucket of soapy water was brought out to yours truly.

I only hope the light of day does not necessitate the complete repaint the Trouble and Strife immediately volunteered me for.

Chin chin
Ruthless Whims

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